Some Pictures of UWA campus

University of Western Australia - some images

An aerial view of the University.

[Miniature of aerial view]

Stirling Highway and some of the Residential Colleges are in the foreground, at the north end of the campus. Royal Perth Yacht Club - for a time Home of the "America's Cup" is at the top left (south east of the University).

Part of Winthrop Hall, its clock tower, and part of the original Hackett Memorial Buildings all of which were made possible through a generous bequest from the founding father and first Chancellor Sir Winthrop Hackett. These buildings are against the left border of the aerial photograph.

The balcony in the South face of the connection between Winthrop Hall and the Hackett Buildings. A road passes beneath. The trees are the beginning of a garden with many huge specimens including the "Tropical Grove". Beyond the garden is the Reid Library and beyond that the "James Oval" which can be seen in about the centre of the aerial photograph. The Reflections Pool on the North side of Winthrop Hall. Behind the arches is the Undercroft of the Hall. The pool contains Goldfish and Water Lilies. Between here and the Stirling Highway is the Rose Garden with lawn and trees. The Original Irwin Street Building - This building was the original University, in Irwin Street in Perth in 1913. The Crawley site was occupied in the late 1920s. This building has had many uses in the intervening years. It was restored through the efforts of the Graduates Association, which occupies it. It is now located on the West side of "James Oval".