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+ Recent Developments
Links to hot new material, some of which is not yet incorporated into the Site.
The University of Western Australia, is located in Perth. But where exactly is Perth, you ask? Try these maps or this information!
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Pictures of some of our players....
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For events surrounding attempts by UWA to censor this Site
+ The Home Page: A general summary
This provides a fully linked overview of about 25 screen pages.
+ Chronology of events A brief summary of events with quotations from original documents.


This section of the Site contains original documents and discussion related to specific aspects of the UWA Archaeology Affair and to Dr Rindos' case.
+ Events in the Western Australian Parliament
This includes questions asked in the West Australian Parliament, a Parliamentary Speech by the Hon Mark Nevill, MLC, and material relevant to the now-ongoing Inquiry into the events surrounding the denial of tenure to Dr Rindos and into the general management of the University.
+ Legal Pages
This includes a discussion of Rindos vs. Hardwick (Defamation on the Net) and links to other sites which have considered this case.
+ Index to Press Coverage
A chronological index to newspaper coverage of the Archaeology Affair at UWA.
+ Coverage on the Net
Postings about the Archaeology Affair from mailing lists and news boards.
+ Letters Menu
Letters sent to UWA regarding the events surrounding the denial of tenure to Dr Rindos
+ Freedom of Information Menu
Material related to FoI processes, including the 1995 Judgement of the Commissioner.


These documents provide a detailed chronological treatment of the events and are linked to scans of original documents.
+ Events during 1989-1991
+ Events during 1992-1993
+ Preliminary menu for the Archaeology Review

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