Documents Released by the State FoI Office

The following confidential memorandum, written by the Head of Dr Rindos' Tenure Review Committee, was forced into public release by the West Australian Freedom of Information Commissioner in 1995.

The comments are in reply to a series of points Dr Rindos made at the beginning of his Reply of April 1993 to the Tenure Review Committee's Recommendation to deny tenure.

Included at the end are brief extracts from two other letters forced into release at the same time.

Transcription of the undated advice annotated "Comments on Rindos' response from Professor Wood, Chair of Tenure Review Committee."

Basically, what he is providing is a series of recommendations for "public" rationalisations to the comments made in the 1993 Reply (as may be seen by the use of some of these arguments by the Vice-Chancellor in her June 1993 letter to all UWA staff. Some of the points made are simple lies while others are merely misdirection, conscious misinterpretation, or evasion. It sure makes for interesting reading, in any case.

The points of 1993 to which Wood was responding, and comments added at this time are square bracketed, with the original 1993 material being indented.


From Dr Rindos' "Reply to the Wood Report, April 1993 [The original document may be viewed by following this link.