The University of Western Australia
                            Office of the Vice-Chancellor
                            Nedlands, Western Australia 6009
Professor Fay Gale, AO

21 April, 1994


Dr D Rindos
20 Herdsmans Parade

Dear Dr Rindos

I understand you contacted Mr Chris Jeffrey, Acting Principal Personnel Officer, on 9 March 1994 requesting the names of any previous academics whose tenure has been deined at The University of Western Australia.

Before answering your question, I would ask that any future requests for information be referred to me. I believe it is inappropriate for requests for information to be sent to indvidual staff members.

With regard to your request, I advise that I am not in a position to give you the names of such academics since those not meeting the standards required for tenure have left in advance of an unsatisfactory recokmmendation. In such cases the member of staff follwoing counselling to this effect has resigned and resignations are, of course, handed on a strictly confidential basis.

Yours sincerely

Fay Gale


The copy from the Vice-Chancellory is annotated "PIO" probably meaning "Principal Industrial Officer." This is read to mean that a copy was provided to the person who would handle legal aspects of Dr Rindos' dismissal.

In fact, the phone call made by Dr Rindos to Mr Jeffrey had merely asked if the rumour he had heard that no previous person had ever been denied tenure was true. No names were requested.