Transcribed from the UWA Personnel Department
    Official Personnel File, Dr D Rindos

    Please note:
    No action is to be taken in relation
    to conversion of this position without
    reference to the Vice-Principal
    (Finance and Resources)

    Stamped and signed, 
    Maril Wallace
      [Head of Personnel]

    Second annotation with initials:
    "see folio 153"

      ["Folio 153" is now known to refer 
      to a letter written about Dr
      Rindos by Prof S Bowlder.
      However, it was NOT being kept
      in his file (against University
      regulations), those pages being
      missing from the file when viewed
      by his Union in late January 1992]

    Vice Principal:
    See note at top of page.
    It is now time to refer the file to
    the head of dept/head of division for
    consideration of tenure on 13/6/92.
    May I proceed please?

    Please send file to VC for
    clarification on one year of extension
    of review.  I have talked to HoD [head
    of division, M Partis]