10 December, 1992


Dr D Rindos
20 Herdsmans' Parade
Wembley 6014 WA

Dear Dr Rindos

I am writing with reference to your letter dated 4 December 1992, in which you ask for immediate notification that your appoint has been confirmed.

A report has been received from your supervisor, Dr M Partis, and as you are aware, I have decided to refer the matter to a Committee for report as to whether your appointment should be converted from "subject to review" to "not subject to review." Until the Committee's report is received it would be inappropriate to deal with the request contained in your letter. You have my assurance that the requirements of natural justice will be adhered to in this matter.

I would also advise that the Committee reviewing this matter has been requested to complete their report as quickly as possilbe. In the event that this cannot be achieved before 31 December 1992 you are formally advised that the period of your appointment "subject to review" is hereby further extended for the period necessary to allow for my consideration and decision on the Committee's report.

Your concerns in this matter are appreciated. However, in fairness I believe it is entirely appropriate to continue the process which has been put into place to ensure that whatever decision is the outcome, is arrived after a full and proper review of all related issues.

Yours sincerely

Fay Gale

NOTE: This document is MISSING from ALL UWA files.