Press Coverage of the Rindos Affair - 1994

NOTE: Only those articles marked with (+) are available online. If anyone can supply missing items, I would be most appreciative!

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(-) Sunday Times, 23 Jan: No Bar To Progress
(+) Sunday Times, 23 Jan: Sex Favors Claim at Uni
(-) Sunday Times, 30 Jan: Letter Disputes UWA Sacking


(+) Sunday Times, 6 Feb: It's Freedom of Mis-Information


(-) West Australian, 15 Mar: Liability for Off-Campus Bias Denied


(-) Sydney Telegraph, 1 Apr: Victim of Electronic Mail Libel awarded $40,000 Damages
(+) West Australian, 2 Apr: Computer libel wins academic $40,000
(-) Western Independent, Apr: New Act Encourages Change in Administrative Conduct
(-) Australian, 5 Apr: Award for Bulletin Board Libel Claim
(-) Campus Review, 7 Apr: Rindos wins $40,000 Damages in Undefended Defamation Action
(-) New Scientist 16 Apr: extract from Column...
(-) Chronicle of Higher Education, 27 Apr: Archaeologist Wins Defamation Suit Over Material Put Out On Internet


(-) Western Independent, May: Academic Fights on to Restore His Reputation
(-) London Times, 6 May: Damages for Academic Defamed on Internet"


(-) The Nation 13 Jun [EXTRACT]: Static in Cyberspace: Free Speech on the The Internet
(-) Campus Review, 16 Jun: UWA Looks to Visitor



(+) Sunday Times, 14 Aug: Labor MP Probes UWA Academic's Sacking
(+) The Australian, 17 Aug: Academic Sacking Case Set to Re-open
(-) The Bulletin, 23 Aug [EXTRACT]: Gagging the Lecturers
(-) The Australian, 23 Aug [EXTRACT]: Code of Practice for e-mail Users After Court Case
(+) Campus Review, 25 Aug: Role of Visitor May Determine Sacking Case


(+) Sunday Times, 11 Sep: FOI Squad to Sift Campus for Papers
(+) The Australian, 14 Sep: FOI Staff to Investigate University
(-) Singapore Times, 15 Sep [EXTRACT]: Beware the info-traps in cyberspace


(+) Sunday Times, 2 Oct: British Expert Backs Sacked Uni Man
(+) Sunday Times, 30 Oct: "Column Comment" [extract]


(+) Sunday Times, 13 Nov: Push for the Answers in Uni Sacking


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