Press Coverage of the Rindos Affair - 1993

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(+) Sunday Times, 28 Mar: UWA Problems 'Ignored'


(-) Campus Review, 1 Apr: Ghost of WA Archaeology Row Refuses to be Buried
(-) Campus Review, 14 Apr: 'No Complaints' Claim in WA Archaeology Dust Up
(-) Sunday Times, 25 Apr: Uni Squabble Threat to Academic's Job
(+) West Australian, 28 Apr: Worldwide Support for UWA Outcast


(-) Sunday Times, 2 May: Russia wants UWA Man to Lecture
(-) West Australian, 20 May: Flood of Letters Supports Embattled WA Archaeologist
(-) Sunday Times, 30 May: Uni Row -- By Degrees


(-) The Australian, 5 Jun: Sex Politics in Academe [feature, extract]
(-) West Australian, 10 Jun: Academic Job Decision Soon
(-) West Australian, 11 Jun: University Sacks Leading Scholar
(-) West Australian, 12 Jun: UWA Sacking Hurts Image: Expert
(+) Sunday Times, 13 Jun: Lesbian Mafia at Uni: Claim
(-) West Australian, 14 Jun: Student Scare Feared over Lesbian Claim
(-) Sunday Times, 20 Jun: Dons Rally Behind Rindos
(-) Sunday Times, 27 Jun: 'Uni Sex Abuse is Rife
(-) Sunday Times, 27 Jun: Senate to Rule On Rindos
(-) Subiaco Post, 29 Jun: Rindos Seeks Help
(-) West Australian, 29 Jun: Job Plea Rejected


(-) Sunday Times, 4 Jul: UWA Revolt Threatens over Rindos Sacking
(-) Sunday Times, 4 Jul: I'll Make it, Says Shattered Rindos
(-) Australian, 7 Jul: Backers Rally Round Rindos
(-) Campus Review, 8 Jul: Memo from VC: Why WA refused Rindos Tenure
(-) Sunday Times, 11 Jul: UWA Sacking Saga Has Big Implications
(-) Sunday Times, 11 Jul: Sacked Rindos to go on Dole


(-) Sunday Times, 8 Aug: UWA meets with Sacked Academic
(+) Sunday Times, 29 Aug: Rindos Rejects Payout


(-) Campus Review, 16 Sep: Archaeologist Seeks Apology
(-) Sunday Times, 19 Sep: Sacked academic vows to fight for reputation
(-) Campus Review, 23 Sep: UWA Considers Rindos Reply
(+) Sunday Times, 26 Sep: Rindos Starts Court Fight
(-) Campus Review 30 Sep: Tenure Dispute Lead to E-Mail Defamation Writ


(+) West Australian, 27 Nov: IRC Looks at Uni Dismissal Row


(+) Sunday Times, 26 Dec: Former WA Uni Don Wins Action

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