the West Australian

  • December 26, 1997

    Letters to the Editor ("I DISAGREE"):

    YOUR report (UWA unfair to Rindos, says committee report, 5/12), your editorial ( Politicians intrude on academe, 8/12) and Kim Chance's letter (20/12) raise the question who universities and government officials, such as the Commissioner of Soil and Land Conservation, think they are?

    Are they gods to be "quarantined", as is suggested from public examination of their conduct, and be permitted to do as they please regardless of the laws of natural justice which demand that no person is to be condemned behind their back by unchallenged allegations by misled individuals? Even worse is the case when such officials even assist complainants to make such allegations.

    If such organisations or officials elect to act as if they are gods, then they should expect to be challenged and exposed for what they are and maybe a period in teh desert would do them a world of good so that they will have all the time to reflect on their shortcomings and realise that they are mere mortals and not gods.

    C.J. KENNEISON, York.

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