Sunday Times

  • March 16, 1997, p. 47

    Bennett's Beat: "Rindos lives on"

  • By Rob Bennett

    UWA scientist Ted Maslen died unexpectedly. So did former UWA academic Dave Rindos.

    Though they hardly knew each other on campus, they have become united in death.

    Just before he died, while enjoying one of his favorite pastimes - running - Ted wrote to a State MP about the parliamentary inquiry into the Rindos affair.

    The committee, which has gone into recess since the State election, was assessing the circumstances that led to Dave Rindos being given the flick by UWA. The unit would like to see the inquiry buried with Dave's ashes and there's a chance, because of the election, it could go onto the shelf. But Ted urged MP Phillip Pendal to back continuation of the inquiry.

    Phil has written to Barry House, the chairman of the Committee on Government Agencies, in informing him of Ted's request. "I have no way of knowing the importance of Dr Maslen's letter," he wrote.

    "I can only say that I regarded him highly. He would not have written to me in the terms that he did were it not a matter which he regarded as worthy of parliamentary investigation."

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