821. Hon MARK NEVILL to the Minister for Education:

My question is about the sacking of Dr David Rindos from the University of Western Australia.

  1. When did the Minister refer the questions to the vice chancellor with the request that the information be provided directly?
  2. Has the vice chancellor agreed to respond to my questions?
Hon N.F. MOORE replied:
I do not know the answer, but I will find out. The matter was in the hands of the education policy and coordinating bureau under Professor Stanley to work out a way to get an answer that would be more acceptable to the member than the one we have been able to deliver. The problem we have with the university is that it jealously guards the way in which it handles it affairs, as I explained in the House the other day.

Hon Mark Nevill: You should show them who is in charge.

Hon N.F.Moore: If we do not give it very much money it is very hard to twist its arm without being draconian in a directive sense. I do not think I can direct the vice chancellor to give the information the member wants because the decision on Dr Rindos ws made by the Senate. I do not think I have the power to direct it to change its decision either. A resolution of this issue will be achieved by the member talking to the vice chancellor and seeking to resolve it in that way. I draw the member's attention to the fact that, to the best of my knowledge, the issue is before the Industrial Relations Commission. Some of this discussion may be pre-emptive in that sense.