Haury Building
Tucson Arizona

15 March, 1993

Dr. David Rindos
c/o Kerry Evans
Academic Staff Association
University of Western Australia
Nedland, WA, Australia

Dear Dr. Rindos:

At last your paper, "The colonization of Australia and the 'archaeologically instantaneous:' inherent limitations on speaking about the past," has arrived. I am sorry for all the delays and confusion regarding your E-mail messages, but I simply do not use email. I can, however, be reached by FAX, phone, and yes--even letter.

I have examined your paper with great interest, having following your writings closely over the years. It looks to me like you have another gem here, one that raises issues likely to be of great significance to the international community of archaeologists. As you know, your earlier paper in Archaeological Method and Theory received wonderfully positive referee appraisals, and I have little doubt that the present paper will also be enthusiastically received. Thus, it seems to me very likely that I will want to include this latest paper in Archaeological Method and Theory's successor, which I now edit, Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory. I enclose detailed instructions for a formal submission, and urge you to follow through quickly, as I am very anxious to include this paper in an early number in the new series.

Frankly, I was surprised and disturbed that anyone had raised questions about the merits--let alone publishability--of any of your work. Your record of accomplishment speaks for itself. It goes without saying that archaeologists in the U.S. hold your work in the highest regard.


Michael B. Schiffer