Date: Thu, 03 Aug 95 12:08 EDT
From: (tc23)
Subject: Dr. David Rindos

Dear Professor Gayle,

Ever since I wrote a letter in support of Dr. David Rindos's application for tenure, I have followed the events at UWA with great despair. Dr. Rindos is a world-class scholar, and I can not believe that your institution has failed to recognize his unique scholarly contributions. I have always attributed this mistake to some ill-informed administrators at the lower levels. It seems to me that the time has come to set the record right on this matter. I urge you to simply acknowledge that the grevious mistakes were made by well-intentioned individuals, but that UWA now recognizes that the overall objectives of the institution would be better served by the inclusion of Dr. Rindos as a full member of the tenured faculty. Such an action would greatly enhance the reputations of all parties involved in this most unfortunate affair.


Todd J. Cooke
Professor of Botany
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland USA