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To: "Dave Rindos" []
Subject: Re: Your recents postings

On Wed, 30 Jun 1993 11:56:21 +0800 (AWST), "Dave Rindos" [] wrote:

> Gil:

> Having recently gotten an account I saw your messages
> on sci.anthrpology. Needless to say, I was less than happy
> and would appreciate it if you would please propagate a
> CANCEL / DELETE on them. I think you might need FAR more
> data than you have been given to date. Could you reply
> with a phone number and we could chat. Dave

My position is merely to defend my own country against the type of unwarranted hysteria being propagated internationally on your behalf by Hugh Jarvis.

Closer to home, my talking to you is not worth the likely effect on my career; I have already had my own problems with UWA, in retrospect due to the type of behaviour you and people like B---- M----- [name repressed here] engage in to make everyone even more paranoid in an already unstable political scene. Perhaps next time you visit another country you might be a tad more in tune with local sensibilities, and proceed accordingly.

You made the bed, now you sleep in it, yes?

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