From: (Gil Hardwick)
Newsgroups: sci.anthropology
Subject: Academic suppression?????
Distribution: world
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 93 03:46:59 GMT

Some further thoughts on this matter, raised in such an untoward fashion here by friend Jarvis.

Several years before the Rhindos "whistle-blowing" incident, done while the professor cited was away in China BTW, another foreign teacher posted anonymous slander against an Australian anthropology professor to the now previous vice-chancellor.

Well now, we Australians have this idea that if someone has a gripe or complaint against someone, they go and discuss the matter with them first. Going behind someone's back and raising charges to a "higher authority", especially without the person concerned knowing anything about it, is regarded as a most despicable act, worthy of the utmost contempt.

We don't see ourselves as being so perfect, but one having become a professor through the due processes of academic selection can hardly be regarded a criminal, even if they don't happen to be British or American. (I understand Canada is part of North America BTW, Hugh, or has it recently floated off to join Iceland or somewhere).

We might further have utterly wet neonates such as friend Vigdor who regard Australians as, quote, "horrible", but then we stay home and are only horrible on our own patch where because everyone is horrible we are able to accept one another as peers and colleagues. If you foreign barbarians, as you no doubt dislike Chinese, Blacks, whoever, for whatever reason you might imagine (they might not be horrible, just ugly, or talk on a funny accent, or [GASP!] heterosexual and happily married with children), why don't you simply stay home where things are as you prefer?

I might well be horrible, but I will openly and honestly approach the person and want to speak plainly with them about a difficulty I am having. You don't have to like it, life isn't perfect, but at least you know where you stand. At least you know WHAT it is I might be concerned about, and what action I have taken on the matter. Above board and out in the open.

The difference is that you barbarians have no such manners.

Why would any of you people go to another country and act in such an underhand manner as to blow your little whistles on those people behind their back, in these two cases ON Australians actually TO Australian authorities?

As if any of you were ever going to get away with it?

Ever stopped to think about why in fact American anthropologists in more and more countries are being treated with such disdain by the local people, you know, all those horrible ugly primitive types with their funny accents and peculiar manners?

Do you all believe yourselves to be so superior, so correct in your behaviour that the moment we complain or retaliate you have a warship on standby ready to launch your missiles against us, as you do against others?

Or would you prefer rather to be getting on with some real anthropology among real living people instead? That's what we are about, isn't it?

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