The University of Western Australia
                               Department of Geography
                               Nedlands, Perth, Western Australia 6009
                               13 August 1991
Professor Charles Oxnard
Division of Agriculture & Science

Dear Professor Oxnard

Dr D Rindos - Tenure Report

I am happy to provide comments on Dr Rindos for his tenure report but obviously these are based on my dealings with him in the four months in which he has been attached to the Department of Geography.

I know little of his teaching or research work other than what has been reported to me. From student assessment of teaching, it is clear that students are either enthused by his approach or completely turned off and this is simply a reflection of the intensity with which he teaches. It is equally clear that he is very committed to teaching.

Since Dr Rindos came to Geography, together with three disaffected Archaeology Ph.D students, his work practices have changed substantially. He is a very enthusiastic researcher and has become productive in the past few months since the burden of conflict has been removed from his situation. The enthusiasm is shown in the discussions he seeks to initiate in the Department which are always lively and interesting. Dr Rindos is undoubtedly eccentric and colourful. He is a pleasure to have in the Department and wishes to fit in with the staff and the functioning of the Department.

Dr Rindos is enthusiastic to build Archaeology at the UWA and is very actively pursuing the establishment of an exchange programme in archaeology between this University and the University of Washington in the United States.

Your sincerely


Michael Taylor
Professor and Head of Department