16 January 1989

State Director
Department of Immigration,
Local Government and Ethnic Affairs
GPO Box M963

Attention: Ms Sue Cobb

Dear Sir/Madam

Employer Nomination - Dr David J Rindos

As per chapter 9, attachment 3 para 7 or the revised section of the Migrant Entry Handbook (1988) the University is now required to lodge an Employer Nomination form M785. Please find enclosed the said form in regard to Dr David Rindos together with the following:

a) a copy of our offer of appointment and conditions of appointment

b) a copy of Dr Rindos ' curriculum vitae

c) a copy of the advertisement

I shall be grateful for any assistance you are able to provide in securing the expeditious issue of permanent residence permits by the Australian Consulate General, 636 Fifth Avenue, New York NY 10020, USA.

As these formalities will take some time to complete I request the issue of a conditional visa for Dr Rindos to enable him to commence duty with us in February 1989. It is essential that he reach Perth by the start of first semester as Dr Rindos will undertake an integral part of our teaching programme. He is a new seniar appointment to a small but growing department with a staff of three. Unexpectedly late last year resignations were received from two out of the three staff making it difficult to ensure that sufficient time would be available (if recruiting internationally) for the immigration processes to proceed in the usual time frame. Therefore in order that Dr Rindos arrive in Perth by 27 February 1989 I would be gratetul for any assistance you are able to provide to expedite the issue of a provisional visa for him . If in the unlikely event Dr Rindos' visa application is refused, the University will arrange for his repatriation.

Yours Sincerely


Jan van den Herik (Ms)
for Manager, Personnel Administration.

cc Head of Department

2 May, 1989

State Director
Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs
12 St Georges Terrace

Dear Sir/Madam


Further to our letter of 16 January 1989 regarding the issue of a permanent residence permit to Dr D Rindos, I write to request that consideration be given to granting Dr Rindos a provisional visa. It appears that there may be considerable delay in the granting of the visa in New York and the department of Archaeology regards it as essential that Dr Rindos be here by 3 June (end of the first semester) to take up his duties.

Dr Rindos will undertake an integral part of our teaching programme and in the unlikely event that his visa application is refused, we will arrange for his repatriation.

Any assistance you are able to provide would be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely

for Manager, Personnel Administration