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July 3, 1996

(stamped "RECEIVED State University of New York at Buffalo OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT JUL 03 1996")

John Ley, Esq.
Freehill, Hollingdale & Page
Australia Place
15 William Street
Perth, Western Australia 6000

Dear Mr. Ley;

I have now had an opportunity to confer with officials at the State University of New York at Buffalo on the concerns raised in your recent letter.

It is our position that your requests that Mr. Jarvis advise you whether and where any other material on Dr. Rindos has been posted and that he remove any material which you deem defamatory should be directed to Mr. Jarvis. His E-mail message of May 16 to an administrator at the University of Western Australia demonstrates his willingness to resolve this matter cooperatively and objectively. We believe this provides a practical and simple solution to the issues you have raised and that it is neither necessary nor appropriate for the University to act as an intermediary in this matter.

Very truly yours,


Carolyn J. Pasley
Associate Counsel

cc: President Greiner
Provost Headrick
Dr. Martens