Pending reorganization of responsibilities under the divisional structure, the Head of Department is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for:

1. The development and maintenance of the objectives and strategic plans of the department in consultation with academic members of the department and within the framework of the University's strategic plan.

2. The leadership and maintenance of a high standard and level of teaching and research activity within the department.

3. The completion of administrative tasks required for the efficient day to day running of the department.

4. The supervision of members of the academic staff, including progress reviews of academic staff and the allocation of duties.

5. The allocation of duties to, and the supervision of, members of the general staff.

6. The preparation and submission of estimates of the annual recurrent needs of the department in areas such as academic and general staffing, maintenance, equipment and research support; and the preparation and submission of estimates of annual recurrent expenditure.

7. The preparation of a department budget for the allocation of available resources in consultation with academic members of the department.

8. The management, where appropriate, of the buildings, equipment and other physical resources.

9. The observance of University policies to maintain a safe work place.

10. The observance of University policy of equal opportunity and affirmative action.

27 June 1989