Events in UWA's Archaeology Department

At the present time this Commentary is still under construction.

The documents included in this part of the site include the following:

Documents Relevant to the Review of Archaeology



  1. ENTER: Gale-force Protest
  2. Sex Claim at Uni Sparks Inquiry
  3. Inquiry at WA campus
  4. ENTER: UWA Shock at 'Unfair' Claims
  5. ENTER: Students 'ridiculed'
  6. ENTER: New Bid to Solve Campus Dispute
  7. ENTER: Archaeology Dsicussion Vital


  8. ENTER: Prehistory May Soon Be History


  9. Archaeology Faculty Buried As Dirt Flies
  10. ENTER: Controversial Deaprtment Loses Autonomy


  11. Ex-Archaeology Head Stands Her Ground, June 1992
  12. Post-Grads Join the Archaeology Fray
  13. ENTER: Sparks Fly in UWA Split
  14. Digging for a Solution


  15. Probe Call on Uni Sex Claims


  16. Uni Senate: Please Explain
  17. VC Asked to Explain Complaints
  18. Problems Fixed, says UWA Department


  19. Senate Letters Blocked by Chief
  20. Gale's Mild Breeze of Change [extract]
  21. [Letter] Gale Blows Cold on Hot Issue


  1. Feature Article in The Australian Newspaper
  2. Speech delivered in the West Australian Parliament

1996 onward...

  1. Still under construction

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